Open Air Traffic Data for Research.
×1000 MODE-S messages collected so far:
# tracked a/c MODE-S:
# MODE-S Messages / s:
# of seen aircraft:
FLARM messages collected so far:
# tracked a/c FLARM:
# FLARM Messages / s:
We are going through significant infrastructure changes to address and improve performance over the next few months. Expect intermittant website service during this time. Your data is still stored and made available for research!

Note: Currently, the registration/user database is migrated and being worked on. Registration and emails may not work properly for a few days and new accounts could get lost. If you urgently need access, simply contact us.

12th OpenSky Symposium in Hamburg: November 07/08, 2024

We are announcing the 12th edition of our OpenSky Symposium in Hamburg! Check out the details on the Symposium website.

The videos and publications from the previous OpenSky Symposium in Toulouse are online!

Introducing Voice Data Feeding

You can now feed VHF/voice data to OpenSky and help researchers around the world. Check out the interface and set up a feeder at As it is an open beta, we appreciate any constructive feedback!

About the OpenSky Network

The OpenSky Network is a non-profit community-based receiver network which has been continuously collecting air traffic surveillance data since 2013. Unlike other networks, OpenSky keeps the complete unfiltered raw data and makes it accessible to academic and institutional researchers. With over 30 trillion ADS-B, Mode S, TCAS and FLARM messages collected from more than 6000 sensors around the world, the OpenSky Network exhibits the largest air traffic surveillance dataset of its kind. The mission of our non-profit association is to support open global air traffic research by universities and other not-for-profit institutions. You can find more information on our blog!

Aircraft Database

Find and track aircraft with our comprehensive database. You can also add and update information!

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Unfiltered live API

Our live API comes with Java and Python bindings, but it can be used with any language that supports JSON-based REST APIs.

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OpenSky Explorer

Browse through historical air traffic with our OpenSky Explorer.

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Air Traffic Statistics

See up-to-date statistics on air traffic and our network on our Network Facts page.

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