Release: dump1090 feeder and new functions

7 years 5 months ago #80 by schaefer
Dear OpenSky users and all the other nosy people reading this post,

since we released the new website almost a year ago, many of you have asked for a dump1090 push feeder. It is now my pleasure to announce that Markus (our feeder guy) has finished the first stable version of a push feeder for setups using a Debian-based Linux and dump1090! If you are running a dump1090 receiver, for example, on a Raspberry Pi, you can simply install our feeder within a few minutes. Installation instructions can be found here . A feeder for Windows is following soon.

On this occasion, I would also like to thank our beta testers achan011, boab, Geooorg, jluebbe, and rg40 for going through all the pain caused by buggy software and websites and providing us such helpful feedback. Thank you very much!

Also if you haven't noticed yet, our explorer has a couple of new features (for example the labels when you zoom in and more advanced filters) and we have new interfaces to our dataset. And there are many more features in the pipeline, so stay tuned.

Cheers and happy feeding,
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