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7 years 10 months ago #16 by Holger
Hi there,

I am currently thinking about using your data as a source for a data warehouse sample project. Therefore I would like to extract data on a daily basis. I would try to filter/aggregate the data to get flight information first (Start and Target airport). Starting with two common airport coordinates using lat, long and something like 0 < altitude < 20.

Would this be stupid as the resulting files would be really large? Having read your presentation on decoding and the sample made me wonder. I don't have a lot of processing power and disk space available to keep the most granular data so I would consume daily exports and then delete the original files.

As far as I understand the python call api.get_states() gets all the current states on your network. Or does it also include functionality to export historic data?

If this question is too broad I will come back after some more research :) .

Kind regards,

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7 years 10 months ago #17 by schaefer
Replied by schaefer on topic Getting all data of a day
Hi Holger,

for this kind of stuff I'd recommend to use a sample of state vectors rather then the raw format of the data in the osky-sample repository. We generate these state vectors on our cluster, but they are in the Apache Parquet format. I extracted the data for 26/05/2016 for you and sent you the link. Please note that our terms of use apply.


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