Data for aircraft constantly returning Null

1 year 1 week ago - 1 year 1 week ago #2432 by Blake
Hello! I'm trying to make a program that tracks aircraft data in a text file. However before I get to that point I would like to actually see the data. My following code in theory would do that, however it
public class APIInfoGrabber {

public static void main(String args) throws IOException {

String d = "394a0d"; // icao24 address of french passenger liner

StateVector test = new StateVector(d); // new objects with "d"

double d = test (dot) get Velocity(); (this is formatted correctly in my code, wont let me paste it here without deleting it, and the same for latitude and longitude

This is in javascript, and written in eclipse. It returns only null for the final 3 inputs, lat, long, and velocity.

Edit: Code Formatting

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