Determining overflights of "prohibited" areas"

11 months 1 week ago #2476 by WFSP
Next to our airfield is a refinery. For safety reasons, it is not allowed to fly over it, but not everyone complies. According to their own statement, the supervisory authority is overloaded and does not control.

I would now like to support and would like a solution as follows:

Mark the refinery by means of 4 corner points. Record all flights that fly over this 4-corner at an altitude less than 1000 ft and create the following lists:
1. list of single flights
2. aggregations: Number of flights per day, week, month, year.
3. possibly point 3 in relation to the number of total aircraft movements at the airfield.

I hope then to be able to clarify the problem, and thus to help the authority to get more positions.

Question: Is there already such a solution? And if so, could I have it? That would be great. If there is no solution yet, I would be grateful for any tip regarding API, programming language, Youtube video etc..
(My programming skills are unfortunately very buried, they date back about 35 years).

Note: It does not have to be live data. I have not (yet) installed my own receiver.

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