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2 months 1 week ago - 2 months 6 days ago #2716 by Herson
Please could anyone share example(s) of how the Trino.history()  'bounds' attribute should be used to filter for a specific airspace shapes i.e. rectangle.  The requirement is to set the bounds parameters using the 4 required Lat, Lon values as well as setting the startstop attributes.   E.g. list the flights that overflow an airspace area within a defined period of time (night flights).

In the documentation it now states the follow,  but does not include an example:   
  • bounds (None | str | HasBounds | tuple[float, float, float, float]) – sets a geographical footprint. Either an airspace or shapely shape (requires the bounds attribute); or a tuple of float (west, south, east, north).     I cannot make this work!

    In the previous documentation it referred to # bbox = (min latitude, max latitude, min longitude, max longitude). Is this approach still valid?



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2 months 6 days ago #2717 by Herson
Python Solution:

vResultSet= trino.history(start=1712620800, stop=1712685600, bounds=( 0.201989, 50.95292,  0.247171,  50.98188),  limit=100)

To make this work the Lon, Lat co-ordinates provided to describe the required 1 mile square airspace were; LonMin, LatMin, LonMax, LatMax

It appears this Python function has been extended to include both a start and stop parameter, which makes the function much more useful. 

Returns a populated Pandas dataframe.


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