What flight corresponds to the information returne

5 years 4 months ago #616 by Silva
Hi all,

I am researching the API but I do not understand the information that you return to me.
I have tried the following example that is in the API

Get flights from 12pm to 1pm on Jan 29 2018:

The previous query returns a list of results which I assume that each record corresponds to a flight, but I do not know which one it refers to since it does not return the flight number (NK632, AA1511, UX0088...)

How can I know what flights each record refers to?

What is the use of this list if the new one does not return?

Thanks for the help

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5 years 4 months ago #617 by strohmeier
Hi Silva,

this is the same as your question one month ago: opensky-network.org/forum/application-pr...-code-of-each-flight
Unfortunately, the answer is still the same.

As for the utility, well, there's a lot of research for which the flightplan is not needed, if you need some inspiration, you can have a look here: opensky-network.org/community/publications


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