504 server response for flights by aircraft endpoi

3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #1414 by arminebner
hello dear community members

and first of all a big thank you to those who are making this all happen!!

i have a problem when calling this endpoint
e.g.: opensky-network.org/api/flights/aircraft...50727&end=1613042727

i get a 504 gateway timeout from nginx as "response"

EDIT: shortly after the post, it started to work. it hasnt been working for me since yesterday though. i dont know if someone already did sth or its just coincidence. do i have to take the failing of the endpoint into account when planning the presentation?

i am new to programming and currently working on my final project for the "school" i am attending.
it's a flight tracker (quelle surprise) and the presentations are thursday.

has anybody an idea what the issue might be?
thanks for reading and for all of your effort, cheers!


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3 years 4 months ago #1415 by strohmeier

I have seen no particular issues and can't really reprodcue but yes, since we provide everything on a best effort basis it is always a good idea to have a contignency plan if there is one single point in time that you really need data. In particular since the flights don't ever change anyway (just new ones get added at night for the previous day).
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