Disk I/O error: Error reading from HDFS file

4 months 4 days ago #2601 by nmatton

I frequently encounter a Disk I/O error, which appears to be associated with hfs files. Here's a sample of the output I receive. While I suspect it might be related to certain SQL queries (for instance, I seem to have issues using the "in" operator), I'm not entirely certain. Are there any specific limitations on the queries we can use to retrieve data?

Thank you for your assistance.

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select * from state_vectors_data4 where callsign in ('BEL72R','BAW393B','BEL5KV') and time>=1685599200 and time<=1688195100 and hour>=1685599200 and hour<=1688194800 and lat>=50.6041 and lat<=51.1106 and lon>=3.9189 and lon<=4.9705 LIMIT 10;
WARNINGS: Disk I/O error: Error reading from HDFS file: hdfs://nameservice1/user/opensky/tables_v4/state_vectors/hour=1686146400/
Error(255): Unknown error 255
Root cause: BlockMissingException: Could not obtain block: BP-2086186090- file=/user/opensky/tables_v4/state_vectors/hour=1686146400/


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