bug in date selector on "Receiver Profile" page

4 years 4 months ago #1024 by ybull
I'm seeing a minor bug on the "Receiver Profile" web page and didn't find any other report about this. The drop-down selector on the left that ranges from six days ago through "Yesterday" and "Today" doesn't work quite right. No matter what I choose there, it always changes its value to one day prior to what I chose. So I can't get it to stay on "Today" at all. I see the same behavior in both Chrome and Firefox.

In case it's related to time zone or preferences, my feeder and I are in Central US, (UTC - 6:00)


I'm a fairly new user and feeder to OpenSky and really like the system. It has several major advantages over the other ADS-B aggregators, so I'm really pleased to use it.

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