Missing Flights of some aircrafts

3 years 3 months ago #1362 by Watzko99
I´m tracking approx. 80 aircrafts via the API and it´s working pretty good.
But, for two aircrafts, flights are missing.
These are the flights of D-AGWY (icao: 3C5EF9) and D-ABHG (icao: 3C4907). These are two aircrafts of the Eurowings/Germanwings Fleet.
For the remaning aircrafts of these fleets, the flights are nearly complete in the database (12/2020).

Has anybody an idea, why the database for these two aircrafts is empty (both have been operated in Europe in 12/2020).

Thanks in advance,

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3 years 3 months ago #1363 by strohmeier
Hi Michael,

that's indeed a curious case. I've looked into 3C5EF9 and it seems to use ADS-B only very occasionally and erratically. Last time was on Nov 28. Checking on Flightradar, they only multilaterate this particular aircraft (we don't). I can't tell you why this is the case though, ADS-B is of course mandatory now.
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