what is the true meaning of "mintime" & "maxtime"?

4 years 3 weeks ago - 4 years 3 weeks ago #1181 by liu1322
Hey OpenSky!
Hope you all doing well! I understand that the website has provided definition for "mintime", "maxtime" and "msgcount" but I’m still having hard time to interpret them. For instance, given following data from position_data4

For same raw message ” 8da8db5e580b410dc21cab0e8014”, since msgcount is 1, this message has been received once at 02:16.2 and once between 02:16.4 and 02:16.6. However, since the definition for mintime and maxtime is “respective message was received at mintime for the first time and at maxtime for the last time”, how come the second row of above table has different mintime and maxtime, wouldn’t that indicates the message has been recieved at least two times? That means msgcount should >=2 ? Also what's the difference between mintime and mintime.1? Thanks!

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