Missing historic data (07/02/2022 GMT onwards)

11 months 3 weeks ago - 11 months 3 weeks ago #1764 by Herson
I would like to report the date range between 07/02/2022 00:01am to 07/02/2022 23:29  appears to be corrupted (Failed to open HDFS file) 

WARNINGS: Disk I/O error: Failed to open HDFS file hdfs://nameservice1/user/opensky/tables_v4/state_vectors/hour=1644224400/part-r-00169-e7f28a8a-dba5-441c-be22-0d0ded5a156c.snappy.parquet  Error(2): No such file or directory


select count(*), FROM_unixtime(hour, 'yyyy/MM/dd') as rth_date, 'TWYFORD-WORKINGHAM' as area_of_record
FROM state_vectors_data4 where lat between 51.465720000000005 and 51.49468
and lon between -0.886718 and -0.841536
and hour between (1645056000 - (3600*24*10.0)) and (1645056000 - (3600*24*9))
group by rth_date order by rth_date desc;



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