Smart ADS-B Antenna HULC

4 years 3 weeks ago #1027 by GNS_ADSB
Hi guys,

I am Stefan from GNS Electronics. I would like to introduce HULC - an ADS-B smart antenna we developed. GNS has quite a history in developing ADS-B receivers and could collect a lot of feedback and experiences along the way. One result of these continuous improvements is HULC. HULC combines an 1090MHZ PCB antenna with a directly connected high performance ADS-B receiver module in a single housing. The advantage is that there is no signal loss between antenna and receiver by long cables and degrading connectors. The ADS-B data is provided via USB from the smart antenna either in AVR or HULC binary format.
There are two versions of HULC, one without and one with MLAT. The MLAT version has a GNSS receiver built in for high precision timing.

The links to the products are:

I would look forward to collect your feedback concerning the product.

Best regards

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