Using the downloadable aircraft database

3 years 10 months ago - 3 years 10 months ago #715 by hanswoerzt
The downloadable aircraftDatabase.csv file is of poor quality. :unsure:
Out of 460058 lines in the file version downloaded March 14, only 413370 (89.85 %) contained aircraft with legal ICAO addresses, tail codes, and 27 data fields.
Of the remaining 46688 (10.15 %) lines, 26795 (5.82 %) contained no tailcode, 10510 (2.28 %) showed illegal ICAO addresses, and 9383 (2.04 %) were corrupted or incomplete (with missing fields).
Some fields contain control characters, HTML tags, and HTML character entities.
Before this file can be used to create an alternative to basestation.sqb as used in Plane Plotter, it needs to be cleaned-up. Why not clean this before it is publicly available here?
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