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TOPIC: [NEW] Feeding FLARM data to OpenSky

[NEW] Feeding FLARM data to OpenSky 4 months 2 weeks ago #836

Dear members,

As you know, our main goal is to collect ADS-B and Mode-S data for research purposes. On top of that we are now collecting FLARM messages. For this purpose we use the existing receiver software of the OGN Project. If you already have an OGN receiver setup, then it is really easy to share your FLARM data with us. If not, then you would need to setup an OGN receiver first, as explained here.

If you are willing to share your data with us, FLARM aircrafts received by your station will appear on the OpenSky Explorer and we will store the (raw) messages that your station receives and they will be available to our research community in our Historical Database. Furthermore we are working on a “collaborative decoding” functionality that should enable us to reconstruct messages with a poor SNR that have been received by multiple sensors: this could be especially helpful to track down devices that disappear in areas that are at the edge of the usual coverage.

Feeding with us with your existing OGN receiver is really easy, for simplicity I made a script that sets up everything for you and that you can run by running the following command from the home directory of the RaspberryPi:

sudo bash -c "$( wget -O - gist.githubusercontent.com/giorgix3/6ba6...dff/OpenSky-flarm.sh)"

If you prefer to make the changes yourself, these are the necessary steps:

1) Replace ogn-decode with the last version by running cd rtlsdr-ogn; wet -O fvvsi.ch/o/ogn-decode; sudo chmod +x ogn-decode
2) Add the following code to the config file “.conf"

{ MergeServer = "flarm-collector.opensky-network.org:20002"; } ;

3) Restart the service: sudo service rtlsdr-ogn restart

If you are using a “Ready to use” Image by Sébastien Chaumontet, you just need to change the OGN-receiver.conf file in your /boot partition as follows:

ReceiverName="MyReceiverName\";}; Demodulator:{ MergeServer = \"flarm-collector.opensky-network.org:20002"
runAtBoot="/usr/bin/wget fvvsi.ch/o/ogn-decode --quiet -O /home/pi/rtlsdr-ogn/ogn-decode ; chmod +x /home/pi/rtlsdr-ogn/ogn-decode"

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your help!

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