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2 years 4 months ago #1775 by Prithiviraj30
Receiver Setup was created by Prithiviraj30

I have been trying to feed my receiver to Opensky however, I am not obtaining any data on Opensky. I have used dump1090  from :  (latest version) and use the interactive command to see the data being received from the receiver. I've received quite a few adsb messages but on opensky my receiver shows its offline and not data are recorder. I also followed the steps from this link  Dump1090 OpenSky Feeder (Raspberry Pi-based) (  to implement the  opensky feeder. The  code shows that the receiver is indeed feeding the data to the opensky network but is not showing in my receiver (dashboard). II know im receiving the adsb messages from my receiver but I'm confused why its not showing any data in my receiver. 

I hope someone can help me on this matter.

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