Why (not) allowed to redistribute the data?

1 year 9 months ago #2007 by sargun
I have been interested in the data from Opensky Network for quite some time. I think it's very useful data, but I've often found myself a bit frustrated with the REST API. I end up loading the data into a little SQL database for analysis. Now, I was thinking that this might be useful to other people. In the past I've used Google Bigquery to load datasets and expose them to the public for free (previous lives, and all). I looked at the agreements for Opensky data, it seemed like data redistribution was prohibited. I'd like to understand why, and if the Opensky project would be excited about folks wanting to make the data more accessible (alternatively, if I were to build the ETL, would Opensky be okay with it, and I could hand over access controls to the dataset to Opensky)?

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1 year 9 months ago #2008 by xxJohnxx
As all ADSB data aggregators, OpenSky is likely selling data in bulk to commercial customers (like financial institutions) and that is the reason why data sharing is not permitted.

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1 year 9 months ago - 1 year 9 months ago #2010 by strohmeier
Actually, no financial institutions at all (if anyone knows one who'd support OpenSky with a commercial license, they are certainly welcome). But the data is not intended for other people to profit from without supporting the upkeep of OpenSky. Hence the need for commercial licenses. Any academic researcher (hundreds, if not thousands) gets the whole data for free but that of course has a cost to us.

So, from another angle, this database exists already in a much more detailed fashion, Petabytes with tailored research access: opensky-network.org/data/impala

The REST API is at the end of the day a nice add-on for live data but it is not our core mission, which is making tons of data available for research for free. But we need to handle that data access sensibly of course. For hobbyist research, we offer the API and tons more curated data here: opensky-network.org/data/datasets There you also see that we do release/permit the release of datasets both for research and reproduction of results.

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