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RECEIVER PROBLEM !! was created by iTOR
Hi everyone, I have bought an ADSB reciver in order to collect and provide data. The problem is that when I follow the instructions of the website and I arrive to the step of "Determining the IP Address of Your Receiver", when I tip "nslookup opensky" in the command shell, the name of the server that appearsis SERVER and not OPENSKY.
So the addres achieved don't allow me to see the results of my antenna.
PS: I add photos of my result and the explanation one.
PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!

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Hello iTOR,

the nslookup result you get is most likely your Internet gateway, located at It seems the DNS server you request the IP address for your receiver from doesn't know the host `opensky`. There could be several reasons why nslookup isn't working for you:

- You manually set some DNS server in your system network configuration (e.g., the DNS server from Google) and nslookup is asking that DNS server. Naturally Google doesn't know what's going on in your local network, so you would have the switch to the default DNS server in order for the LAN DNS resolution to work. You can switch back to the Google DNS server as soon as you've found out the IP address.

- The receiver isn't connected to the LAN for some reason. Does your LAN use static IP addresses or is DHCP activated? By default the receiver tries to use DHCP.

There are also other ways of determining the IP address. You could do a broadcast ping and see if the receiver answers. Or maybe you could log into your router (probably at and perhaps it shows a list of all connected LAN devices.

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