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1 year 9 months ago #1486 by thijs_gasse
Dear all,

First of all caution for the newbie question ;) , but I am really having a hard time.
I am working on MacBook and I am able to access the server with all the tables via terminal by following the exact steps according to the impala guidelines. However, I am struggling with exporting the data to csv after I selected it.

A little background information; I want the 'state_vectors_data4' table of all arriving flights at EGKK. The plan is to export all flight numbers with destination airport EGKK via the 'flights' table and then filter the 'state_vectors_data4' with those flight numbers.

In the attachment you can see what I have in my terminal that I want to export to csv.

Hopefully somebody is able to help me and my team by explaining how we should do this.

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1 year 9 months ago #1487 by strohmeier
Several options here, a) some of the data tools praised here: opensky-network.org/data/data-tools

b) adapt the Linux command in the Impala tutorial to something like this that works in MacOS:

"script output.txt ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -p 2230 -l usename data.opensky-network.org"

That file can then be converted into CSV as described in the tutorial: opensky-network.org/data/impala

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